one big family

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Salam readers,terima kasih, buat yang sudi baca blog ni ..actually writer ni memang jarang update dan promote blog ler,menulis sekadar mengisi masa lapang yang tak berapa nak lapang sangat....hehehe........then ter-rajin nak update lagu maher zain ni "one big family" even line kalah siput da ni...great song to hear and beautiful meaning through this song and i pray to Allah for the unity of Muslim .....because we're one big family...

One Big Family  ( Official Lyric )
I wonder why you and me fight each other
Don’t you see the similarities between us?
Take a minute and see yourself in the mirror
You look like me: those eyes, lips – you can’t deny
Have you thought about
Why we look the same?
Why we feel the same?
Don’t tell me it’s by chance
Oh, you’re my brother
You’re my sister
We’re one big family
Oh, you’re my brother
You’re my sister
Just one big family
It doesn’t matter if you live far away from me
You feel I feel, you bleed I bleed, you cry and I cry
We sleep and dream
Sometimes we’re sad, sometimes we’re happy
You breathe I breathe
We love, walk, talk and we smile
I care about you
And I wish you could realise
There’s no difference between us two
We’re part of one family
No matter how far you are
And even if we don’t know each other
Oh, you and me, me and you, we are one
p/s: yang aku highlight dalam lyric tu antara favourite verse...=)
arghh....rindu family da sampai tahap tera,giga,mega,kilo ,hecto, deca et al...... 
4 more days to go.....cannot wait..

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December 17, 2012 at 11:11 PM

sorry late n TQ so much for the visiting dear ^^ insyALLAH we're one big UNITE family :)

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