late wake up for fajr??

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Salam everyone, everything is messed up for a few days!!, i'm not in a good mood..~~ABC is around the corner i guess..
yesterday,i wake up lit bit late from usual,near to 7.00 am,when i c the  phone.phone is already off,but i thought i charge it b4 i sleep...spoil my mood lol,because i hate wake up late  FOR FAJR in the morning,n i hate being  'LATE' ..klu bangun lewat,ada jer benda xkena..huhu..bukan la kata benci 'late' sbb aku ni rajin sebab sometime i'm being late jugak in finish up work,huhuhu..

huh i'm rushing to do all sort of thing ,my cloths not iron yet.. huh suddenly remember that i've the presentation in the morning..whattt la...~~

before test..chill la sempat lagi amik gambar
went to SPE class wif the muka half mamai.....that how my bad day started..huh!!!, is not finish yet,it was juz started,masyaAllah... in class,suddenly the projector and PC does not work,waiting for technician to fix the problem,it's too late and waste our time,and my heart said,maybe present will postpone again...instinct maybe..ya lastly we ask pak lah aka my lecturer permission to postpone our group presentation because juz 20 minute left b4 class end, n he agree to postpone it presentation to t next class...#alhamdulillah

continue with MR class which is dr ahmed miyaki taken the class yesterday,nasib baik paham what him lecture semalam,about how to enter data in SPSS..alhamdulillah..then balik bilik wif a empty tummy,gara-gara xcukup duit nak buy lunch meal..#starving lol..ok fine xda rezeki...then take a nape 4 a while,after wake up n solah zuhur,start doing revision  for mandarin test,2 chapter nak covered,pukul 2 baru nak start revise then malam nak jawab test ni kot,cuti seminggu buat ape lah..but lit bit satisfy,nasib bek boleh jawab,dr dibiarkan blank....alhamdulillah....

that how my messy table looks when i'm do revision...bangga dgn nset getah tu sesangat..haha,lari topic...
p/s;Ya Allah please forgive me, ya sure its all my fault...i miss it subuh again....i feel regret for the whole day, by not doing things that i always do in the morning..how i can go through THE DAY wif it...ya its better for me to tajdid/renew my niat before sleep because its will help me to waking up..from productive muslim article that i've read before,in article said,doesn't matter which time u sleep,if u put in your mind u want to wake up 4 fajr,u 'll wake up..n i found this,hopefully its wif help us to wake up for fajr constantly everyday,insyaAllah..